Email Routing on Cloudflare

Hello sir/mam,
Today I received mail for Email Routing as Beta Lunch.
I have something to share

  1. Why everybody need to verified for getting emails!
  2. If I need to get a email to multiple email address (like: [email protected] to joydeb****, joydebh**** what need to do (like Improvemx)
  3. After setup MX and TXT records I tried mail myself but I couldn’t get it :frowning:
    But, Thank you for this feature. Hope will be added every feature soon :slight_smile:
  1. Destination verification avoids abusing our system to send unwanted emails.
  2. It’s currently not possible but on our roadmap
  3. If you sent your test email from your gmail account and forwarded through Cloudflare back to your gmail account, gmail will deduplicate the email and hide it. Try with different gmail accounts or using an online service

Is it possible, or will it be possible in the future, to route an email using the new Email Routing beta to more than one email address?

It will be possible in the future.


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