Email Routing not working (YugoStar Network)

There is a problem with my Email Routing domain. I wanted to make it so if you want to sent an email to “info@yugostar. net” (yugostar. net is my domain) and it redirects to “ com” it says there is no servers and that configuration is wrong. I tried to delete it and start over again but it didn’t work either (tried 3 times). If anyone can tell me or help me fix that issue it would mean a lot.

Best Regards,
Maj Kovacic

I took at look at your account. A combination of MX and TXT records need to be added to your DNS for Email Routing to be able to receive and route emails appropriately, and it looks like these records are missing. Navigate to the settings tab in the email routing section. From here, clicking on the domain will show you the necessary records that need to be added.