Email Routing not working when using catch-all


I have setup Email Routing for the domain and enabled catch-all to be forwarded, all looks oke on the dashboard but you are not able to send any mail to the domain:

The server was not able to deliver your email message
Subject: test alles

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 15:11:40 +0100
to the following addresses:
<[email protected]> ( 521 5.3.0 Upstream error. NmMYlGd2zKyv)

@sven2 can you help me out here please ?

I am not too sure what would be happening here. Do you know if this happens only when you send emails to this address from a certain address, or does this happen for all senders?

to all in the domain, so

This is what i see in my mail server :
[16/Mar/2022 10:07:47] Recv: Queue-ID: 6231a8e3-00000392, Service: DSN, From: <>, To: [email protected], Size: 1927, Report: failed, Subject: Returned email: test, Msg-Id: [email protected]
[16/Mar/2022 10:07:47] Sent: Queue-ID: 6231a8da-00000390, Recipient: [email protected], Result: failed, Status: 5.3.2 521 5.3.0 Upstream error. xVdXD2K0jMe7, Remote-Host:, Msg-Id: [email protected]
[16/Mar/2022 10:07:47] Sent: Queue-ID: 6231a8e3-00000392, Recipient: [email protected], Result: delivered, Status: 2.0.0 , Remote-Host:, Msg-Id: [email protected]
[16/Mar/2022 10:09:24] Recv: Queue-ID: 6231a944-00000393, Service: ActiveSync, From: [email protected], To: [email protected], Size: 2505, Sender: Outlook/16.0 (16.0.14332.20010; x64), Subject: 1234, Msg-Id: [email protected]

yyyyy = my domain
xxxxx = Domain on Cloudflare

I got it working again, i had to delete all the email settings and DNS.
After resetup it all start working again.

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