Email Routing Not Working? Not Rejected. Never Received at Destination

I just set up email routing for my domain and it’s not working. I’ve got all the records set up properly. I do not use a catch-all, but did toggle it on/off to see if that fixes it.

When sending a test message (from multiple, outside providers like iCloud, Outlook, etc) the sent message is not rejected or returned to sender, but I never receive it at the destination address (which is Gmail).

I’ve checked that my NS and MX are all fully-populated, but it’s still not working.

Any ideas?


What exactly do you see under the “Activity Log” on this page?

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It seems like it’s starting to work, but there are still certain tests (sent from a iCloud account and an Office 365 account) that are going into a black hole. I don’t receive them, and nothing shows up in the activity logs for them. Nothing in SPAM either. I just don’t understand how “some” are getting through, but others there are no sign of anywhere.

This is what I’m seeing on the Outlook side of things…

And this…

Any chance you might want to share the actual domain(s) that LastAttemptedServerName=, FQDN=, and OutboundProxyTargetHostName= contains?

Unfortunately I had to give up on Email Routing with Cloudflare. I was completely down and couldn’t figure it out and had zero ability to reach anybody since I’m on the free plan. I had to revert back to using ForwardEmail for my email routing. Sucks because at first glance, the Cloudflare offering looked perfect, but obviously rock solid deliverability is important! :slight_smile:

But you do have a great Community that can often help you a lot faster than any Support desk will ever be able to.

The thing is just, without access to your account, or otherwise retrieving the domain name(s) you have issues with, it may be a tough one to figure out what’s wrong.

After all, it could be a tiny misconfiguration from your end, something that you somehow missed, but that we could easily fix together.

Understandable, but then I’d like to also refer you to this one, which applies regardless whether you use Email Routing with Cloudflare, or “ForwardEmail” that you refer to.

That being said, if you already gave up after what I would call “so quickly”, one of the things coming to my mind, would be that you might not have had enough patience for the DNS propagation to succeed.

I agree, this is a great community, unfortunately I shouldn’t have went even a few hours with email not working. This domain, in particular, was more high-priority, so that’s why I gave up so soon. I was high-anxiety not having it work for the 24-ish hours it wasn’t, so I finally had to pull the plug and couldn’t wait any longer.

Within a few mins of moving back to ForwardEmail, all of those test emails poured in. I went over all the settings I could find (and I’m very, very well versed in DNS (Email and Web) and I couldn’t find anything that should have caused the symptoms I was seeing.

Also, after searching the web, I found a LOT of other people having deliverability issues with Cloudflare Email Routing, so I don’t know if they have some bugs that still need to be ironed out, but again, with this particular domain, I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I also did extensive testing of DNS propagation, both at the record level as well as the spam/blocklist/deliverability level and didn’t see any issues anywhere along the way.

With this domain (my main personal one), the final destination is a regular Google/Gmail account, so unfortunately, I can’t really set things up to go direct.

Hope the context helps and if I hit this wall again, with a less critical domain, I’ll definitely give it more time to troubleshoot! I would have loved to crack the case and continue using it!

In 2023? Those ones are all contradicting with each other.

I would suggest you to NEVER rely on mission critical messages to be routed through any sort of email forwarding, email routing, or whatever organisations out there call them.

It could work well for ages, but then one day, it might simply stop working. Either completely, or sometimes even in a strange way, where certain messages (but definitely not all) will be rejected by the final destination.

And with this move, are we talking about just changing MX records, or did you move name servers towards their place as well?

Regardless how experienced we might be, don’t we all make mistakes from time to time?

Sometimes what we believe should be obvious, isn’t actually, and as such, we can be digging hours and hours, until we’re actually getting something that point us in the right direction, often from a third part.

That would be the major reason why I asked for the domain name(s) that you censored out, because maybe I could have seen what was wrong, and have pointed you in the right direction.