Email routing not working - destination email addresses not receiving email

It appears this is a recurring issue based on reading multiple related topics. email routing was working last week, but when attempting to add a second custom address w/it’s destination address, all of a sudden routing has stopped for both email addresses. Site shows it received the incoming email, but the destination addresses never receive it. Both email destination addresses are verified. Requesting support folks to resolve please. thank you.

Not from support, but some pointers:

  • Are MX records still properly configured?
  • What’s the “action” for each custom address? “Send to an email”, “Send to a worker” or “Drop”?
  • Have you tried sending an email to one of those two email addresses, from a different address? (To identify/troublehshoot if only specific senders are affected)

Thank you. Responses are:

  1. MX records are showing as properly configured.

  2. Action is “Send to an email”.

  3. Tried test sending an email to both from multiple different email addresses including my work email. Site shows it was forwarded? But emails are not getting to both forwarding destination email addresses. Ughh! This is frustrating, as it worker great last week. Any other help would greatly be appreciated please.

  1. What domain?

  2. What exactly do you see under the “Activity Log” on this page?
    Each entry there should be able to be expanded, to see extended error information.

Shows all last attempts of emails got forwarded, latest attempt shows:

SPF status

DMARC status

DKIM status

You have checked the spam/junk folder, on the final destination?

If the status is “Forwarded”, then the final destination you’re forwarding to, has actually accepted the message for delivery on their end.

The responsibility for the message will therefore be on final destination’s side, and as such, you will therefore need to consult the support desk of the final destination to dig further in to this.

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