Email routing not sending mails

Hi, I just got access to email routing. I set DNS and destination as instructed and got email confirmation…
Now I have trying to test but Don’t receive any mails what send to that email I just set. What I doing wrong or just cloudflare have issues?

Hi @Dreamer,

Are you sending the test from the gmail address you’re forwarding to? If so, Gmail will de-duplicate the email and not show it. You would have to test from a different email.


That was exactly my problem…

Just been now getting familiar with this email and just disappointed it only can receive mail. I had false hopes it could handle transactional mail for website. So this is not service for me I cant really think any scenario this service would be useful for website owner where site have contact form or account sing up etc… Just some simple site where only way to contact is email address on site might be fine.

I hope maybe in future cloudflare could offer reasonable price mailing service with strict marketing/spam mail policy. I love idea to setup just one click DNS setup your mail would be ready and could use smtp client for wordpress etc… handle website mailing.

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