Email Routing Not At All Useful

I was hoping to use CloudFlare email routing to replace a long list of cPanel forwarders, but it doesn’t look like it can really be used for that.

  1. I understand that CloudFlare wants to limit the possibility of abuse, but as a website administrator, I already forward email to 50+ other people and I need to be able to create forwarders without bothering these people or waiting for them to approve the forwarding once they already asked me to forward to them. There is also not necessarily an easy way to approve forwarding to a service account.

  2. My cPanel forwarders also have mail going to subdomains, and there does not appear to be any way to add that in CloudFlare.

  3. It would be nice to have the option to forward some mail to a next hop server instead of to an email address. This way I can move my simple forwarding to CloudFlare and fall through to my existing mail server for the complicated stuff (for example, mailing lists).

Not at all useful? It’s working for me on several domains.


If it works for you, great. Out of the 155 domains I have on CloudFlare, in its current state, the email routing option will be useful on 0 of them.