Email routing no longer working

The email routing for is no longer working. I tried toggling the catch-all address rule but that did not fix.


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with Beta E-mail Routing feature at Cloudflare for your domain name.

May I ask what error do you get?
Did you followed the instructions (steps) how to properly configure it (setup) for your domain name?

Maybe @sven2 could take a look at it.

The email routing was working when I first set it up for my domain a few weeks ago. However, it is now not working and when I send a test email I eventually get a Undelivered Mail Return to Sender from my email provider.

I am sorry to hear this, but I am afraid this isn’t yet possible to achieve.

Email routing feature is only for e-mail forwarding to your inbox (like private Gmail) in case you do not have any e-mail service configured for your domain name (like [email protected]).

Unfortunately, it’s not mentioned to work as a SMTP server and cannot be used for sending e-mails.

Otherwise I might misunderstand what I read from what you wrote and I am sorry if so.

Or, you actually tried to send an e-mail from like private Gmail to your configured “custom address” and received this error?

Nevertheless, please, kindly and patiently wait for another reply.

I’d suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your domain issue and share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this issue:

  • Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button. If you get automatic reply, reply and indicate to it you need more help and reference to this topic
  • Or send an an e-mail to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com from your e-mail associated with your Cloudflare account

My apologies, perhaps I did not explain the situation clearly. Here goes.
The domain where I have configured email routing is udico[dot]co which does not have any email service configured. I set the email address [email protected] to forward to [email protected]. So, initially I was receiving emails sent to [email protected] at [email protected]. But now the emails are not getting forwarded.
If you need some details (e.g., DNS entries, etc.) please let me know.



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