Email Routing Isn't Working

I have followed all the instructions on Cloudflare to set up a custom email and reroute it to my gmail account(s), but no emails are getting through.

When I tried using the “Catchall” feature, it dropped every email.

If the “Catch all” is off, I don’t show that an email was ever received or forwarded.

The system itself says all the correct DNS settings are there, it shows as active, but nothing is going through.

I’m trying to verify my new custom email with Mailerlite so I can continue to send newsletters to my readers, but I’m completely stuck and google has me going in circles. Any ideas?

May I ask if you’ve tried to send a test email from a different email provider which is not the Gmail account you are forwarding to?, to your custom email address to see if it gets routed to your destination Gmail? :thinking:

May I ask if you’re successfuly receiving emails from Cloudflare to your Gmail?; or rathar your email address somehow end-up on a suppression list and email bounces?