Email Routing is great new service, can we use gmail to send mydomain email?

While trying to use gmail “Send mail as:” >> Add another email address you own

[email protected] / SMTP: Port: 587

Got error… Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.

Tried several different ports, but still same error.

Any suggestion?


In your example you are telling Gmail to relay using Cloudflare’s forwarding servers. As you have observed, that does not work.

You need to use Google’s servers to send the emails. Follow the linked text for Google’s own guide.

If you do use Gmail’s SMTP server to send e-mail “on behalf of” your domain be aware of a couple caveats:

  1. Your real address will be visible in the e-mail headers

  2. You’re somewhat likely to get spam-filtered, or at least have e-mails marked with a warning message, even with a p=none (no enforcement) DMARC policy. DKIM / SPF for these messages will always be non-aligned, so the messages won’t look “great” to mail servers.

Protonmail for example will always display a warning as the best-case outcome:

… unless you completely delete your DMARC record which ehhhhhhhh maybe not a great idea.

If it matters to you, you might need to consider a proper outbound e-mail service. but I don’t think there are any free ones worth mentioning, and I’ve never actually used any of the multitude of commercial offerings. Or run your own SMTP server for outbound mail if you think you’re up to the task.


Definitely do this.

There really are not.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace deliver a familiar experience for those used to Outlook or Gmail respectively. Both are better when managed by a partner, especially if your organization lacks in house expertise in this area. They aren’t the only viable options, but due to their market prominence they are going to be the best known among a larger section of VARs and MSPs.

Definitely don’t do this. "Don't!" is always my default advice to most people who ask about running their own mailserver. I am not implying that no one should run their own mailserver, but in almost all cases, be they business or hobby, it rarely is the appropriate solution.

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got the advice, thanks

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