Email Routing Insights observations

I like the new Email Routing Insights. It’s great to be able to see what’s going on with mail coming to my email routing addresses. But I’ve run into a couple of issues.

  1. Very little info about mail that was not delivered due to Error. All I can tell is that Cloudflare did not deliver it to the destination address for some reason. As far as I can tell, there’s no log of the conversation between Cloudflare and the destination server to help figure out why the mail wasn’t delivered successfully.

  2. The ability to filter the log by Custom Address only works for specifically-defined Custom Addresses which are populated in a drop-down. There is no ability to manually enter an address to search for. I’m using catch-all, and there’s no way to filter on messages to [email protected] if that address is not specifically defined as a custom address.

  3. The address that shows up in the Custom Address column appears to be the address in the To: header of the email (or maybe the CC: in some cases). This is often not my address. For example, many mailing lists put the list address in the To: header, and that’s what Cloudflare shows in the Custom Address column. The address that actually receives the mail is in the SMTP envelope (effectively the same as a BCC), and that address doesn’t show up in the log.