Email routing initial setup feedback

Once email routing was enabled I found the initial setup very easy to complete, however I encountered one scenario which seemed a bit odd.

Once I removed prior MX records I had it add the new MX DNS entries. I added one custom address at the top and received the confirmation email, confirmed it and then I tried adding a second custom address. When I saved the form for the second address it would indicate verification was needed, although I never received a confirmation email.

For the second email, I had to enter it as destination address at the bottom. I received the confirmation email and confirmed and then I could successfully enter the custom email address again at the top for the second email address.

Everything is working perfectly, it just seemed a bit odd that the first email could be configured entirely with custom email address, but the second required adding a destination address first.

Thanks for the new feature!


When you removed the prior MX records - how is mail still routed afterward? That’s a step I didn’t take yet since I don’t understand how adding the CF MX records would interfere with my current setup (using Google as MX records).

I had previously moved my domain from Google to CloudFlare and discovered in that process that CloudFlare did not offer MX forwarding at that time - google was doing it for me. I quickly setup ImprovMX to temporarily route the email. A few weeks after that, CloudFlare opened the email routing beta to me. It was the ImprovMX DNS records I was removing. I am using Gmail for email hosting and the routing simply forwards from the domain email address to my gmail email account.

If your domain is still with Google seems like you may as well let them forward email for you. But if you move domain to CloudFlare you will need someone to forward email until you can setup CloudFlare.

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