Email Routing - Hotmail Rejected - Spamhaus Flagged

Email routing failure…

I send my emails via Cloudflare forwarding wise to Hotmail, hotmails since started rejecting them flagged by Spamhaus…

How do I fix this? … I don’t know what IP or whatever Cloudflare forwards on or from where…

  1. Mind sharing the domain name you’re using the email routing with?

  2. Mind sharing the exact (i.e. non-redacted) rejection reason you’re being provided?

It is not always that it would be possible for you (or even Cloudflare) to do anything at all.

The awful truth about that, can be found over here (namely first and last section, in your case):

Actually, at the time of writing this, Spamhaus does not have any Cloudflare IP addresses (of those used for email routing) listed.

Yes so my email forwarding to hotmail…

Cloudflare says undelivered with the error as below:

SPF status pass
DMARC status pass
DKIM status pass

Rejected reason:

Unknown error: permanent error (550): 5.7.1 Service unavailable, MailFrom domain is listed in Spamhaus. To request removal from this list see spamhaus(S8002) protection.outlook 2023-07-28T05:12:20.171Z 08DB8CF00240D3D6] *not exactly this as it won’t let me post urls but u get the picture.

“MailFrom”, from that rejection message, refers to the SMTP MAIL FROM (also called Return Path, Envelope From, et cetera).

For Cloudflare Email Routing, that SMTP MAIL FROM is rewritten to be done on your own domain name, which is also why you need to add the Cloudflare include: to your SPF record.

As such, what Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail is referring to, as being listed in Spamhaus with that rejection message, would be your own domain name.

However, the mentioned domain name does not appear to be Spamhaus listed either.

That makes me wonder, have you actually spotted your domain on the Spamhaus lists, and then tried to get the domain removed from the Spamhaus lists, sometime like between our messages or just before your thread here?

… And do you still see the problem from your end?