Email routing got my blocked by SpamHaus?

My domain isn’t used for anything malicious, or even anything at that. We have a static website, alongside email routing from cloudflare (which has been used by spammers to send US bulk spam emails; the forward to email is an outlook email, which I think may use SpamHaus).

In turn, Radix, the registrar who owns .tech, suspended us. (We have 1 report in total)

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Cloudflare Email Routing does not originate any emails. That means it is not possible for spammers to use it to send emails. It is entirely possible for spam sent to addresses that are forwarded by Cloudflare Email Routing to result in Cloudflare IPs being misidentified as the spam source since they are used in the final relay. That is one of the reasons that forwarding has been unreliable for years.

No one in the Cloudflare Community or at Cloudflare has any influence over Radix, so it is unclear what you hope to accomplish with this topic.