Email routing from Cloudflare to Gmail


I want to create an email with my newly migrated domain to Cloudflare. My intention is to use this own domain in my Gmail account via an email routing in Cloudflare.

However, I have read on a forum, that Gmail is banning email routing from Cloudflare, so this option is no longer available.

Is this true? If so, what alternatives do I have to create a custom email in Cloudflare and use it to receive and send emails in Gmail?

Thanks for your support.

If you care about consistent delivery, you are better off not using Cloudflare Email Routing or the free Gmail. Forwarding was an ineffective method for general purpose mailbox usage years before Cloudflare Email Routing was in its beta release.

Using a domain email with the free Gmail works best when using an external SMTP service capable of DKIM signing your email. Receiving domain email in a Gmail account is better configured to be pulled regularly from an external mailbox. Cloudflare attempts to mitigate some of the problems caused by forwarding with use of SRS, but that introduces is own problems.

The best option for reliable domain email for individuals is to direct your MX records toward a reputable mailbox service.


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