Email Routing: forwarding emails to two different email addresses + Sub Domain support


I am enjoying the Cloudflare Email Routing Beta. I kindly request the following features:

  • Subdomain support: currently email routing is limited to I would also prefer as well

  • Routing emails to two different emails: for example: [email protected] forwards to my and my email addresses. Currently, I am limited to only forwarding to one email address.

Are any of the above features planned?


Agreed, finding it tough to compete with even Google groups without that. Iā€™d honestly kill for routing based on sent from email address and subject line text. That would be so killer, if sent to [email protected] and sent from [email protected] then send to X instead of Y.

I would like to upvote this. I am using email forwarding at several other services. I would like to migrate to this solution but cannot until I can do email distribution lists. For example, to do something like this: [email protected] forwards to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

I need to forward to different emails too.

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We are planning to implement subdomain support and forwarding to multiple emails, but no timeline yet


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