Email routing for *.ee domains doesn't work

I have a few sites in Estonia with .ee domains and for whatever reasons emails dont go through. It works for gmail accounts but it wont for .ee based destination emails and it doesnt work if .ee email addresses send email to my routing address(which is .ee as well).

The logs show emails have been forwarded. But there is no sign of them.

Hi there,

Blake with the Support team here.

Are the .ee emails configured differently than the Gmail ones.

If the emails are showing forwarded successfully have you checked with your mail provider to ensure everything is configured properly on the receiving end?

Hi Blake,
Thanks for getting back to me.

They are just regular emails configured with IMAP settings from hosting and the client never had any issues with them. So I am having difficult times to think of what possibly could go wrong on their end? How does forwarding work? Who does see as a original source sender? Could it be that they bloc/null you?

Also, it would be great if we could have logs more that 24 hours, or I missed something, did I?
I just got scolded that I didnt answer to an important email on Sunday/Monday. But I didnt get any emails and didnt see their email in the logs(only checked late on Monday)