Email Routing for Business

Hello Community,

I’ve read a lot of articles here and watched a few videos on Google, but couldn’t find an answer to my question.

I need advice on creating a custom email for my business that will route to business Gmail, without breaking any current DNS records with Google for that Gmail.

I have a Gmail account for my business purchased from Google along with my Google domain. My domain is now connected to Cloudflare.
When trying to set a new email routing with Cloudflare, on the last step it says that I have Conflicting records (The records listed below were found on the DNS for domain. These records need to be deleted for Email Routing to work properly.) And they suggest deleting a few MX and TXT records for Google and adding new MX and TXT records. My concern is, would this break my current business email that I have, if I delete these records and add new ones for forwarding?

Thanks for your advice, everyone! :slight_smile:

Do you mean you have Google Workspace service (which includes the Gmail service with your business domain name)?

If so, you don’t need Cloudflare’s Email Routing service at all. Disable and delete the Cloudflare Email Routing records.

Cloudflare Email Routing is a very basic service that only receives incoming emails and routes/forwards them to an email mailbox you already have. It doesn’t support SENDING emails at all, and is only useful in a few limited cases.

Gmail from Google Workspace is a complete business email service, allowing you to both SEND and RECEIVES emails, plus all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a standard email service.


Yes, Google Workspace. Thanks for sharing your opinion, George.