Email routing feature spams recipients

We are using Cloudflare’s email routing feature and switched over to Cloudflare due to the SPF support which works great! However, when used in combination with Google Groups to set up an email group, some members of the group keep getting warning emails from Cloudflare about missing emails due to deduplication even though nothing is wrong.

Is there any way to disable these emails for a specific domain or routing rule? Essentially the members of the group get spammed by Cloudflare on every response to an email chain.

I understand that it may be helpful in some situations, but it is also detrimental in others. Being able to configure this would be a great addition to the product.

That is a new issue for me, but I do not have using routing for groups, can you check if there are any settings within Google Groups that could be adjusted to prevent these warnings from being triggered

No, I don’t see any way to prevent this in Google Groups. You can only set the “Post replies to” setting to the following values:

You want replies to go out to all other group members, but that includes the responder itself which means they will always get a warning email from Cloudflare.

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