Email routing feature requests/feedback

Just got accepted into the email routing beta for one of my domains. I currently use for my masked email/relay needs. It’s working great, but I trust cloudflare more, so I’d like to migrate. But CF email routing is missing features that are very useful:

  1. Allow adding of a description for each email custom address.
  2. Add custom email columns for: Date Created, number of forwarded emails, number of dropped emails.
  3. Allow sorting on all custom email field columns.
  4. When hovering over a custom email address allow one-click to copy the address to the clipboard.
  5. Provide an import option for bulk creating custom email addresses (CSV source would be fine).

I’d also love to see integration with 1Password for masked email addresses. Currently 1Password integrates with FastMail, but that integration is not optimal, is paid, and I have privacy questions about Fastmail in general. So having CF integration with 1Password with masked emails would be awesome.

Finally, I can’t test this yet, so maybe CF already implemented this feature. But how does CF handle replying to emails and keeping my primary email account (e.g. gmail) hidden? For example, if I create a custom email of [email protected] that forwards to [email protected], if I’m in my gmail account and reply to that email, does CF provide a mechanism to hide my gmail address on the recipient’s side and only show them [email protected]?

@user22010 thanks for the feedback! I shared it with the team. Email routing doesn’t support sending emails, it’s forwarding only at the moment.

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