Email routing / existing box

thanks for the new email routing feature
we already have an existing email box configured on Rackspace via mx records
so when creating new “routes” or “forwards” do we need to be careful not to interfere with that?
or will the wizard setup automatically respect it?

You can’t use two different mail services for the same address space. Your main provider would have to be configured for the additional address(es).

so if a single email address is already setup for on an external email server
then we can’t use any CF Email Routing for that entire ?

which means we’d have to use CF as our email server but CF don’t offer email services so…
sorry, I’m a little confused…

That is correct. Mail servers don’t check the name on the address to do a domain lookup for where to deliver. Just like your home address on an envelope. The postman doesn’t look at the name and then know it actually goes to a different house.

so to be able to use CF Email Routing for
we can’t have any other email boxes on an external mail server for
i.e. in other words, CF Email Routing is exclusively forwarding ONLY

That is correct.

Also correct.

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