Email routing error

Hi, when I receive the emails to verify the routing mail beta the link is not clickable and I can’t verify the email where receive messages.

I just verified mine. It’s a link to with a special token key in the request.

You can try looking at the raw message and see if you can track down the HTML code for the verification link.

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that’s worked thanks.

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can you tell me with gmail how answer with the same email, i tried to use add new email but it gives error 404 try again later (in gmail setting)

Sorry, I don’t use Gmail.

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@user7671 Email Routing doesn’t allow to send emails yet. I can recommend you to use a service like Mailgun to send emails from your domain. You’ll need to update the SPF DNS record set by Email Routing with the mailgun policy.

i have signed up but i am unable to receive any emails via the beta service, despite all DNS records in place and accounts being verified.

@gfd6yt45dfs what’s the domain you are using? If you don’t want to send it here can you email it to sven (at) cloudflare?

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