Email routing error with unknown error

I am seeing some emails are failing to be forwarded with the status “error” and no detailed error message.
Is there anyway to find out what is going wrong? Here is an example.

“__typename”: “ZoneEmailRoutingAdaptive”,
“datetime”: “2023-08-09T16:40:51Z”,
“dkim”: “none”,
“dmarc”: “none”,
“errorDetail”: “”,
“from”: “REDACTED”,
“id”: “z3nv4WFHb1TI”,
spf”: “none”,
“status”: “error”,
“to”: “REDACTED”

Were you able to resolve this @sv11?

Nope not resolved. I get a few delivery failure errors as well on Google account emails.

Considering switching to something like as Cloudflare email is too unreliable.
Would happily pay for the feature if it guaranteed reliable delivery.

The Support team may be able to dig deeper into this. Please share a link to this topic, Email routing error with unknown error and share your ticket number here for us to track progress.

Unfortunately I can’t raise tickets as on a free plan.

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Customers on any plan can create registrar, billing and account tickets here,

Ok ticket raised #2928162

Have you added the missing records @sv11?

I have dkim, dmarc, spf all setup on my domain. I assumed these are showing the dkim, dmarc, spf of the sender?

Can you share the name of that domain here?

Good troubleshooting ideas here

I am not keen on posting my domain publicly. Happy to private message it to you if that helps.