Email Routing Error: Duplicated Zone Rule (Code:2014)

I recently added a domain in cloudflare to use its email forwarding feature.
I have already added two custom email address with a destination address.
Even completed the email verification.
But every time I go to Email Routing setting, it shows “Get started” page, just how the page looks when no custom email have been added.
So, I again try to create the same custom email address but it gives the error: Duplicated Zone rule (Code:2014).
Its obvious that the custom email address has been created but it just not being listed under the “email routing” settings. It just shows the same Welcome page as shown in the image even when the custom emails are successfully created.


same Issue here.

Had similar issue,
simply skip the getting started so you can configure any needed steps.

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How did you simply skip “getting started” — there is no option but to click the button “Get Started”

BTW - this solution isn’t working for me either - Can't Create An Email Redirect