Email routing does not work properly

I have a domain and I’ve set up redirecting emails to my personal gmail account.

I have succesfully set up 1 email redirection and it works perfectly (received the confirmation email on my gmail account and it worked fine), but any further redirections don’t seem to work. If I check the overview table, it says those emails sent to the other redirection address are dropped.

I’ve turned off/on the Catch-all address several times with no success.

I am sending a test email to those extra redirection addresses from a different email not my personal gmail account (and ultimate recipient)

Any ideas?

Hi there,

I would recommend checking the main steps and some troubleshooting hints here:

Maybe the Cloudflare Email Routing · Cloudflare Email Routing docs could help you as well, if you want only the redirection.

Take Care!

Thank you for your reply, but the info provided does NOT help my problem.

All configuration is correct but the emails still drop

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