Email routing does not work after setting everything as per tutorial

I’m setting up everything as per developers.cloudflare . /email-routing/ yet routing doesn’t work. Also, I’m being asked to delete conflicting records so I did, yet nothing has changed. Can I get some help with that? I’m willing to pay. Thanks

Can you please elaborate?

  1. What domain?

  2. How exactly did you end up with the conclusion that the routing “doesn’t work”?

  3. What error(s) do you see?

  4. Perhaps a screenshot of what is happening?

  1. bulcruoykcuf dot com
  2. I’m sending email to myself and it is not getting forwarded to right address, instead it comes back as undeliverable.
  3. can’t upload links or screenshots

Can you confirm that it is actually done from an external / third party location, that:

  1. Is NOT from the same address, as the destination, that you’re trying to route the messages to.

  2. Has nothing to do with your own domain

What exactly does this bounce message say?

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