Email Routing - DKIM Fail - Error Result and Undelivered

I notice in the new Email Routing activity log that an email I was expecting has a Result of “Error” and was not forwarded. Expanding the log entry shows the following results:

SPF status

DMARC status

DKIM status

My question is, how do I allow this email through? I know who it’s from, trust the sender, and need its contents to action a booking for which I’ve paid.

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Also, taking the raw incoming email and using this tool Test DKIM, SPF, DMARC, DomainKey, RBL by Uploading Email Content - Online Test Tool it likewise shows that the DKIM signature passes. So both Gmail and that separate debug tool both point to there being a problem with Cloudflare’s DKIM validation failure being wrong

(meant to reply to my post here: Email Routing DKIM Fail Blocks on what Gmail says Passes - Feedback / Previews & Betas - Cloudflare Community

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