Email Routing Destination Address Verification Emails Not Being Delivered

I added a new destination address for my domain and it is pending verification, as expected. However, I am not receiving the verification emails to the specified destination address. I’ve attempted to resend the verification address many times and it never arrives. I have confirmed that the specified destination address is valid and working by sending email to it and can confirm email is received in a timely fashion. I keep refreshing the log in my email security portal but the emails never show as making it to the email security gateway (which is the first hop for the domain in question).

It sounds like that address may be on the email suppression list here.

Please open a ticket and post the # here. support AT cloudflare DOT com

We can escalate it so Support can re-open the ticket.

Ok, I’ll open a ticket and post in here once opened. I would hope Proofpoint Essentials isn’t on the suppression list!

My support ticket number is 2438435. Thanks!

The suppression list is individual email addresses. Either because they hit an Unsubscribe on a Cloudflare email, flagged it as spam, or bounced it. Maybe other reasons as well.

Anyhow, I’ve escalated your ticket #. You should hear back in the next day or so.

Hmmm, that would be odd as I just created the destination address for this purpose and it never existed before today.

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