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Hello, we have set up our domain mail to be used via icloud. com, being happy with how it works only it lacks catch-up all emails feature, now tried to set-up this with cloudlfalre with new Email Routing.
but after adding and cloudflares mx and spf and iclouds ones at once it can not work. and if leave only icloud mx and spf it is not possible to get this function on( catch up all emails from cloudflare)
how to set up catch-up all emails function from cloudflare for one domain while using another mail provider like icloud in our case?
basically if now Email Routing can be only as forwarding all email than this is not possible - right?

You can only have one MX host. If you try to mix MX functionality, you’ll only get one or the other.

You can set up a catchall here, plus a bunch of email forwarders. Would that work for you?

As @sdayman said you mixing the MX records won’t give you what you want.

That said, you can mix the SPF policies by merging it into a single TXT record, like:

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catch all does not work at all in this case. ( because I use other mx from icloud)

spf, yes, can mix. but what about MX records? them can not mix.
means this new function can only route mail this way in case if domain is not used for emails communications.

If you have multiple MX records then where do you expect incoming emails to go?

MX records have a priority, and lowest priority wins (multiple records are used for redundancy). There is no way to tell a sender “if the email is [email protected] use iCloud MX records, but if it is [email protected] then use Cloudflare Forwarder MX Records”.

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this is what i am and writing about)))))) :rofl:

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