Email Routing can't remove DNS Entries


we tried to disable the Email Routing and the DNS entries didn’t get deleted in the DNS of the Domain and now we are unable to delete those and they prevent us from receiving any mails.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with Email Routing feature.

May I ask if you tried manually to remove them from the DNS tab of CF dashboard for your domain name? :thinking:

Furthermore, do they still appear on the dig lookup for your domain name as MX records? Have you checked this already?

What steps did you followed or tried already from the below link? Can you re-try just in case using the instructions from below link (if not already)?

we are not able to remove the MX entries from the DNS tab of the CF dashboard. Here it says that we have Email Routing enabled:

i.imgur com/ZUe4QaM.png

But in the Email Routing page it says that we should enable it:

i.imgur com/VKDKAfM.png
i.imgur com/Guy8g83.png

Clicking “Enable Email Routing” and then clicking “Add records and enable” does not work. Nothing happens:

i.imgur com/Fb3jIMd.png

We can only try to enable email routing (does not work). There is no way to disable it. We cannot delete the MX entries. This is completely stuck.

Currently we are not able to perform any dig lookups because we had to change nameservers to another provider to be able to change the DNS entries and keep mails working for our customer.
We would love to get this working on Cloudflare again. Any ideas?

(For some reason I am not allowed to upload any screenshots to my post or have any links to images in my post :+1:. Therefore I uploaded my screenshots to imgur and provided broken links in this post. Copy the link and replace the space with a dot. )

Thanks for your help

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Thank you for your feedback information.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to write a ticket to the Cloudflare support and share your ticket number here with us so we could escalate your issue.

You might be offered to switch to the new Customer Support Portal and create a ticket there.


we created a ticket.
Ticket ID: 2551062

Thanks for your help

Thank you for sharing your ticket numbere here with us. I’ve escalated this for you.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply and a solution.

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