Email routing - can't find domain

I’ve added an email address to route, verified the destination and created the DNS MX records.
Also, added the include to spf.
But when I send an email to the new email address, I get the message that the domain can’t be found. Domain is online and accessible so not sure what’s up?


I suspect you are running into a known issue with the UI (which we are working on). Could you please send me the domain you are using so I can have a look? Here or email : sven (at) cloudflare.

thanks, email sent.

@brian I noticed that you don’t have any email routing rules configured on the domain you sent the email from. Is that intended?

I sent you an email explaining the culprit but basically it was an optional security feature that was enabled for my mail server. As soon as this option was disabled, email routing worked. Thanks

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