Email routing: can't confirm email address

Hello, my request for beta testing on was accepted. The first issue I encounter is that the confirmation email I receive doesn’t have any link in it, so I can’t confirm my email address.

Are you sure that’s the raw email source? My Anchor tag doesn’t start with “style”. It starts with:
<a href="

It’s possible you have a translator that modified the HTML. See if your webmail browser can show the raw source of the original message, instead of Inspecting it with your browser’s Dev Tools.

Ok, in gmail I clicked on “mostra originale” (show original) and the link was there.

  1. I tried logging into gmail in incognito mode of chrome, and no link
  2. I tried using a freshly installed firefox, and no link
  3. My cloudflare account is set to italian language, so I’m not using any translator
    It seems like gmail is stripping out the href.
    The strange thing I notice when I open the raw code, is that the href starts with: href=3D"=https instead of href="https
    Is this expected?
    Anyway, I can retrieve the confirmation link now, thank you, but I’m staying here if you need more testing about this
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