Email Routing: can any user map to corresponding user

Hello Folks,

Before I do anything, I’m unclear I can do what I want to do. After reading ‘Email Routing > Get started > Configure email rules and addresses’ I’m unclear whether it’s possible to create a rule to do the following:

[email protected] > [email protected]
[email protected] > [email protected]
[email protected] > [email protected]
[email protected] > [email protected]

I’m clear I can create a rule to do:
[email protected] > [email protected]
And, I’m clear I can create a rule to do:
* > [email protected]
But, can I create a rule that transposes any user email address at to the corresponding user email address at


You can’t rewrite address automatically as you need to have all the emails be verified.

That may be something that they are looking at doing in the future. @sven2

Thanks @Cyb3r-Jak3 That’s clear and coherent.

I don’t have many users - so, I could do them individually - but, does the ‘email verification’ require my users input or can I set this up for them?


They will receive a one time email with a link that they need to click to complete the verification. Until they verify the address you will be unable to create a forwarding rule that targets their address.

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