Email Routing Bi-Directional

Will the new email routing product support using your email aliases to reply to email as well (like with this setup in Gmail Send emails from a different address or alias - Gmail Help)

That would make the email routing product awesome when trying out a new idea and spinning up a small site before you want to invest in having a dedicated email for it but while you still want customer communications to look official.


The blog post is pretty clear that this is just a forwarder to an address you can verify. Doing the reverse (outbound mail) is ripe for a heap of abuse.

If you’re looking for customer communication, it’s not too much to ask to spend the $5/month for a standard email account.


It would be nice though. I have been looking at Microsoft solutions, Zoho solutions, but they are all too much. What offers is enough for me, but I would prefer to use it with my own domain. I don’t need sophisticated Azure bells and whistles. I don’t even want to see it. The same with Zoho, even if you subscrobe to a basic paid mail, all the extra products are still there in the menu.
What could work though is if Cloudflare had an smtp server. Or a server that could be added to your own DNS records, eg an SRV entry?

Otherwise what’s the point of receiving routed emails, when you are still sending it from the address that is behind the routing.


I’m sure they put a lot of thought into this and made a business decision to offer this specific service.
For free.

For $3.75/month, you can get something like that does all of what you want. And that sure as heck is an amazing bargain.

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Tried a few options, apparently ImprovMX has a really respectable deliverability, and it has both incoming and outgoing, not the cheapest though, but still acceptable.

Ah, was disappointed in seeing this post. Was excited because I just assumed this would be bi-directional. My problem is that with Microsoft 365 Family we can only use one custom domain for all the family members. However, my wife and I each use our own domains for our personal emails. A business account somewhere (Microsoft Business or GSuite) would resolve that issue, but unfortunately we lose out on many family features and deal with a lot of business related technical overheard. We’ve been frustrated with this issue for years.


Potential solution


You could use Cloudflare’s Email Routing for incoming emails to forward emails to that gmail box.


Use Gmail Send as, it’ll allow you to send as any email address as long as you could verify that you have access by entering a verification code sent to that address.


DKIM may not be possible, but, SPF should be.
Can only be used for minor use cases.


i would like to add my setup is like

What ever Email is received it’s forwarded using cloudflare email routing and I’d i want to send an email than i use AWS ses which is very very cheap and easy to setup


Given that Cloudflare is getting into the email business now, it might want to release a similar product to ASES too.

ASES is a bit different in that it sends email out to anybody on your list. So far, Cloudflare email only goes to confirmed addresses. Those are much less likely to suffer blocklists than a listserver.

ASES is an outbound mail solution usually used to send automated emails from applications, or even bulk newsletters.

Currently, Cloudflare just does internal routing/forwarding of inbound emails, hence, the need to only send to verified/confirmed email addresses.


I’d also really like to see bi-directional routing of emails.

Currently I am using to do precisely that. It works by using a “reverse alias”:

A reverse-alias is a special alias that allows you to send email from your alias .
A reverse-alias is created for each alias you want to send email from and each contact you want to send email to.
When you send an email to a reverse-alias from your personal email, the email will be sent from your alias to the contact.

This also means that it is compatible with every email client and I dont need to spoof the sender address.

I had hoped I could scrap simplelogin but if replying to an email reveals my actual email address, I unfortunately wont be using it.

See also: Reverse alias - SimpleLogin Docs

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