Email routing beta: please approve my account


could you please approve my account on the email routing beta?
I can’t import domain until that feature is enabled.

This nudge is to follow-up on the invite to nudge on this post:
[edit] seems I can’t include links in the post … even if it points to Cloudflare’s blog.
https:// blog [dot] Cloudflare [dot] com /migrating-to-Cloudflare-email-routing/

Thank you

I am pretty sure it’s in open beta now, but the first step is to add the zone to your account, I show purged zones and one that is waiting on a plan type selection (Initializing), but nothing active. I did not look into the details of when they were removed, but you should in your audit log to make sure it was an action you took.

Many thans cloonan,

it’s indeed working right out of the gate. I misunderstood the steps when composing that post.
Creating a zone was first in the list -as you called out- and the email routing immediately shows and enables creating such routes.

When I tried ~a year ago, the email logo was displayed but asked for the user to opt-in the waiting list.

TL;DR: thanks for your answer, topic resolved