Email Routing Beta Invitations


I would very much like to try out Email Routing with one of my domains. I signed up for the waitlist on day one, but haven’t been accepted so far.

On another account, that I applied for a couple of days later, Email Routing is already active.

It seems, the invitations are not necessarily given out in order of application? Is there any way to “move” the invitation from one domain to another?


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Could you please share the domain that sits in the waitlist (here or sven (at) cloudflare)? Let me see what I can do :slight_smile:


Just sent you an email. Thanks so much, Sven :grinning:

Hey, I’ve got a similar issue, I got it recently on another account, but not on this one. Can anyone assist me, please?

@sven2 is generous, ping him at the addresses Sven[@]cloudflare[.]com with the domain and may be cloudflare account email, and you @user13529 might get accepted in beta

Awesome, thank you!

Thank you so much for escalating one of mine. I greatly appreciate it.

Let’s hope for my request too. :crossed_fingers:

I, too, have requested an email routing beta invitation and have heard nothing. I sent you an email, @sven2 with the details.

Help me Obi-Sven Kenobi. You’re my only hope. :wink:

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