Email Routing beta enabled but not accessible in dashboard

Email Routing beta has been enabled for my domain, but I can’t access the management section in the dashboard.

On Dec 23, 2021 I got an email from [email protected] to tell me that “Cloudflare Email Routing beta is now available for ***.com”, but when I go to the Email section under the domain dashboard, the button still says “Access Requested”.

Hoping someone might be able to take a look at my account?

Try in a private window

Thanks, I’ve tried different private browsers on different devices but still showing this unfortunately:

@sunshineinateabag can you please share the domain here or send an email to sven (at) cloudflare?

Hi Sven, did you receive my email? I’d like to keep my domain name private if possible please.

If you can see support tickets I opened “[Cloudflare Support] 2344808 - Account Dash Ticket - Email Routing beta enabled but no accessible in dashboard” earlier but was referred to the community forum :slight_smile:

I got the domain thanks. I have asked internally.

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@sunshineinateabag your zone should been enabled now

Thanks @sven2 I can configure it now. Your help was much appreciated!

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