Email routing beta - emails not delivered - domain not found

I have set up Email routing betam pointed MX records accordingly, created SPF record and custom email address, but it still does not work. When sending email from whatever email address to the destination, I get domain not found. In email details I see correct MX was discovered, so there must be something wrong in the MX servers. FYI, I tested MX with google, and they work no issues, but as soon as i change MX to CloudFlare provided addresses, it just does not work. Any ideas?

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This is unfortunately a common issue. Cloudflare is working on prevention this from happening, but in the meantime the fix is quite simple :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for a hint. I have tried to disable catch-all, enable again, set the new destination address for catch-all, disable and enable again, but haven’t worked yet. Maybe it takes some time until it starts to actually work.

It shouldn’t take long for the the changes to apply. Are you still getting the “domain does not exist” error?

yep, still getting same error…

Could you please share the domain you are using? If you prefer I can help debug privately on Cloudflare Developers

I cannot receive confirmation email to verify in discord. Domain is

Something went wrong on our side and we are looking into it. In the meantime, I manually enabled your zone.

If you turn off/on the catch-all it will publish your configuration and it should work now.


You are correct, now it works :slight_smile: Thanks for support.

Yesterday it happened also to me, waited up to 15 hours and still did not receive emails. Enabling catch-all (to send and not to drop), then disabling it, solved the situation.

Hi I’m having the same problem for one of the domain I have as well would it be possible to check the configuration for that domain as well please?

Hi, sorry it was an issue on our side. I manually enabled your zone, after you toggle the catch-all rule (or touch any other rules) it should start working.

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thanks that seemed to fix it, would you be able to look at another domain for me as well


Your zone is already enabled. Did you try to toggle the catch-all on/off?

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