Email Routing and SPF

I have enabled the Cloudflare Email Routing beta for my domain once I learned the solution to 550 Domain does not exist error is to disable and re-enable catch all forwarding.

I noticed that when configuring DNS settings for Email Routing that Cloudflare suggests that I add this SPF entry into DNS:

TXT [my domain name] v=spf1 ~all Missing

If I’m not mistaken, this entry would only make sense if I was using cloudflare’s SMTP servers to send outgoing mail. But as far as I know Cloudflare doesn’t offer outgoing SMTP servers. Thus I am ignoring this suggestion and leaving the SPF entry to what my mail provider recommends. Perhaps there is a good reason for making this recommendation that isn’t obvious to me.

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Hi, so Cloudflares email forwarding sends the email further along to your usual email provider. To send this email to yourself, the SPF records need to include Cloudflare. I’d recommend that you combine both into one by adding „“ to your email providers‘ SPF record

Cloudflare rewrites the Return-Path to be your own domain, which is what SPF is checked against (it’s not checked against the friendly from, as most people believe). Without the Cloudflare SPF, they will fail SPF when checked by the final mail server

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