Email Routing and MX Records

If you use email routing, does this happen even if the MX records are pointing elsewhere?

For example, if the MX records point to Google as Google Workspace is used to manage email, if an email is routed in Cloudflare, does this take precedent and still work despite the MX record being pointed to Google?


Emails are delivered to wherever your MX record points. If the MX record points to Google, then emails are delivered to Google and you cannot use email routing.


Thank you, that was my understanding, I just wanted to double check.

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i have email routing but getting this message

This zone isn’t activated yet.
Please make sure to [point your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers] before using Email Routing.

then i went and change nameservers

will it ok

It should be fine. You need to have your nameservers for a domain pointing to Cloudflare for their services to work.

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It’s all done. But still mail nor receiving

Is it possible to get paid support to fix all

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