Email Routing and Google Workspace


Ive just been invited to the Email Routing beta (great!)
My domain is currently setup for use with Google Workspace (essentially GMail wiith a custom domain).

I’m being told I need to update my MX records for Cloudflare routing (I get that).

My goal would be to leave all my Google Workplace and GMAIL confirm in place (as I’d like 99% of the email address to remain as is).
But I would hoping that via Cloudflare I could redirect 1 email address anywhere (e.g. off to outlook).

Would I achieve that by having both the Cloudflare and Google records in the DNS (but give the Cloudflare a higher priority)?

Or basically, do I need to pick one service: Cloudflare or Google to handle my MX records?



Having both Cloudflare and Google MX records on your zone is not supported by Email Routing.

I’m not sure to fully understand the question. With Cloudflare Email Routing you can redirect all emails from your zone to your Gmail address or to an Outlook address.

It’s not possible but you can setup redirect in Google workspace or Gmail

Wonder if the redirect could be done to an MX server as opposed to an email address.

And then catch-all rule could be used as a fall-back.

However, if you have a full email solution like Google Workspace, then, might be better off using that.

Could use:

  1. Google Workspace Groups to create forwarders
  2. A catch all mailbox with filter forward rules (cost for a single mailbox)
  3. Google Workspace mail rules

Options 1 and 3 are free as long as there’s 1 active license with gmail.

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