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I’ve been using CF’s mail routing since about two months (thanks to Google cancelling the free Workspace).
I forward my domain mail to a personal Gmail-account.
To send mails I use ‘send as’ in Gmail and am using the SMTP from Zoho.

I discovered there is a problem with this setup and it seems I am not the only one (also other people not using Zoho’s SMTP so I think we can eliminate them as the cause)

When I send a mail to myself in Gmail (so [email protected] to [email protected] using the ‘send as’ in Gmail) the mail never arrives.
There is no undeliverable, no error, nothing in spam, it just vanishes.
Because I get no feedback at all I’m having a hard time figuring out what is causing this.

Any idea where to look?


Forgot to mention. When I send mails to my wife or kids who use the same configuration all mails arrive, so it’s just a problem when sending to myself.

Google handles email sent to yourself using one of your own aliases differently than email from others.

See the following Google article for more details:
Messages sent to email alias or Group aren’t in my inbox

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So basically everything is working as intended then?

Although, the article you link to says " To get these messages in your inbox, set up the alias or Group as an alternate “Send mail as” address for your account."
That is how I have it configured already:

So normally they should be arriving in the Inbox then if I understood correctly?

Solved. When ‘Treat as alias’ is checked when configuring the ‘Send As’ it works as expected.
I would have expected it to work the other way around.


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This is really a question for Google and not Cloudflare, Gmai de-duplicates your emails and will not show an email to yourself in the inbox. If it is working when sending from other addresses then Cloudflare is working as expected.

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You are correct. But I didn’t know Google did that. Before, when I was still using Google Workspace mails sent to myself would just arrive in my Inbox. So I wasn’t sure what was causing it.

Anyway, solution is in my previous post.

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