Email routing - allow replies

Currently, email routing only deals with inbound email - it would be super awesome if replying to an email routed through Cloudflare was possible, similar to Apple’s hide my email feature.

To reply using an address that is forwarded by Cloudflare Email Routing, you only need an outbound mailserver. It is my understanding that Cloudflare has no plans for an outbound email service, as it invites abuse and there are already plenty of effective alternatives.


Having the outbound server is exactly what I‘d like to avoid. To limit abuse, having the reply-only functionality would be „good enough“, no need for a full-blown general purpose mail server.

Literally, these two are contradicting with:

An outbound server, general purpose mail server, … you name it, is mandatory in order to accomplish the requested functionality, as the reply will need to be sent out somehow.


My bad, I should have been more precise. What I meant was that I don’t need the ability to send unsolicited mails that get routed through Cloudflare’s mail service. I‘m specifically asking for the ability to reply to mails that were delivered through Cloudflare in the first place, with the service masking my mail address.

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No, it was precise enough, or should I say crystal clear, that you only wanted the possibility to be able to reply to messages you had already received.

In order to have a such reply function, no matter how many limitations there is, it will still require a mail server, that is able to send out the reply.


I am new to email worker, but I think they do support it
see this:

As stated at the top of the page @boynet2

You can send an email about your Worker’s activity from your Worker to an email address verified on Email Routing.

This is not what the OP is wanting to do.