Email Routing - all emails forwarded to GMail end up in spam

As I’m still waiting for activation od email routing on my domain - I have tested it thanks to my friend, on my gmail account.
One problem I’ve seen is that all email forwarded via clouldflare end up in spam in GMail. SPF and DKIM looks ok. Not sure where is the problem.

There are a couple of recent threads about this that provide some insight.

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Emails ending up in spam is due to one of the below reasons

  • Authentication issue (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), which is definitely not the case here.
  • Domain reputation being low.
  • Domain or IP on blacklist.
  • or using a new combination of Domain + IP, and no warmup done.

Last one is where most people get stuck.
There is not much an email provider can do that can help with this.

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Any manual how to do it properly ?