Email routing address numbers

Hello, my request of the email routing beta feature is enabled. However, I found that if I add the 11th destination address, then the first one would be removed. Is this a bug? Or the limit of delivery address is set to 10?


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I have not seen that documented in the blog post or in the dev docs. I’m sure @sven2 has an answer.

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After more tests, I found that:

  • If I add the 11th destination address, the “Custom addresses” list with first destination addresses would show as Destination address not found, and one of the old “Destination addresses” would be disappeared
  • If I remove the 11th destination address, then the disappeared address would appear again. And the “Custom addresses” of that address would work again.

Yeah, I have the same issue. More than 10 Users are not working. Is that a bug or something wanted? I have then to switch to another solution :frowning:

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Same issue here. This is a deal breaker on this functionality, especially when the limit of 10 is across all the zones in an account. (So if you have 11 zones you can’t have 11 different forwarding addresses). I have not found this in the documentation. Is this a bug or “by design”?

Seems like you found a bug. A fix will be going out soon.

You should create virtually any number of custom email addresses (reasonable use).