Email Routing Activity Log - Show Exact Time

It would be easier to find items (emails) in the Activity Log under Email Routing if exact dates and times were shown instead of “an hour ago”, “12 hours ago”, “a day ago”, etc. This would help troubleshoot delivery issues when the exact date and time of an email is known as well as make it easier to correlate the Activity Log items to events in on-site logs, such as firewall and email server logs.

Here are some additional suggestions for the Activity Log, some of which have been suggested before:

  • Increase the length of time and the number of items that are kept.
  • Tie the range of items that are shown to the Email Routing summary dropdown (e.g., “Previous 7 days”, “Custom range”).
  • Allow showing more items per page.
  • Allow entering a page to go to. Currently, the only way I see to get to the oldest items if there is no applicable way to filter for them is to click on the right arrow button (“>”) over and over.
  • Provide more details as to why emails were dropped or had an error.
  • Provide a way to add addresses and domains to an Allow List since some domains have SPF, DKIM, and/or DMARC misconfigured and there is nothing we can do to fix their issue. This is particularly applicable to domains that are still testing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and therefore have SPF set to SOFTFAIL, DMARC set to quarantine or “pct=0”, etc. I don’t remember specifically which ones, but I know at least some “test” configurations will cause emails to be dropped.