Email routing access request

I have submitted CloudFlare Email routing access request, but it is still not available for me. How long does the approval process take? I need this information as I will need to use this feature for customer Production system later next week. Need to know how long it will take once I get access to customers CloudFlare account and click “request”.

We are currently going through the waitlist, enabling every day more users to the service.

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I strongly recommend you not use this in production as it’s currently in Beta.

If you still want to use this beta feature in production, the wait time is around six weeks.

I need to forward emails for ~48 hours until I migrate the email systems. See no other way than to use this feature to temporary route incoming emails to users new email addresses. Once migration is complete MX will be set up to take care of routing again. If there would be better alternative, I would take it.

Use ImprovMX - It’s free!

Tools seems to be great, tested it and works like a charm, just free user limit is 25. As I need this tool for 45 users and only for 2 days, would not want to g to paid version, but will do that if there will be no other choice :slight_smile: Thanks for advise.

It’d only cost $9. Not bad for a temporary forwarder.

money wise it is not a problem :slight_smile: Problem is with purchase orders, invoicing.

Sounds like using a 50 cent stamp to send in a check for a 25 cent invoice. I guess it’s up to you how you want to approach this and how you allocate your time. I’d roll that $9 into billable time since I’d spend more time hunting down another approach than just coughing up the money.

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