Email Routing - A Stupid Question, I'm sure

I’m extremely interested in Cloudflare’s Domain Registrar and email forwarding. I’ve read a lot of community comments about implementation and experiences with the beta test thus far. My question is stupid, I’m sure, but I just want to confirm that without all of the extra backend features of a full fledged mail hosting platform, that if I reply to the emails Cloudflare forwards to me, that it replies as the email address the message was sent to and not my personal email or some other address that might wind up in spam?

In other words, If mail is sent to [email protected] and I have it forwarded to [email protected], can I respond to the message within gmail and have it sent to the recipient as if I’m replying from [email protected] as I always have in the past?

Cloudflare is not involved at that point and that is completely up to your email client’s configuration. Cloudflare forwards emails and that’s it.

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