Email routes with domains with accent "'" for example pé

Good morning!!
First of all, congratulations, a while ago I opened a similar problem with domains with “ñ” and this time I have the problem with a domain with “´” Spanish accent.

Well, actually I don’t know if it’s an issue with Cloudflare or Sendgrid.
I am trying to verify a domain with aceto called pé which in its correct version is xn–, I cannot verify the CNAMEs with sendgrid. And I don’t know if it’s Sendgrid or Cloudflare.

Very grateful for everything!!
I attach a screenshot.


It is probably you!!

% dig +noall +answer CNAME 300 IN CNAME

When entering a name on the Cloudflare dashboard you should not include your domain in the name label.

It should look like this:

FYI, these types of domain names are referred to as IDN, or Internationalized domain names, and the ASCII representation (xn--) is referred to as punycode.


Michael, very crack! A quick solution and you knew exactly what was wrong with me. I didn’t pay attention.

And thanks for the acration, so I will know how to technically use the correct terms.

Thanks for everything, crack!

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