Email Routes not updating

I needed to reconfigure a custom address to use a new Gmail so that a particular program can read the email that is sent to that address, so I created the Gmail and then verified that new Gmail as a destination address. Then I set [email protected] from a primary Gmail to a second Gmail however when I sent a test email, it sent the mail to the primary Gmail, I checked my settings and confirmed I had set the destination address to the right email. I thought disabling the destination address would update it. I sent a test email to see if it would drop to try and identify the issue, however, the email was still forwarded to the primary Gmail. Nothing I do routes the email to the second Gmail.

Hi there, I’m sorry to read that you are experiencing difficulties.

It’s possible that Gmail is de-duplicating the email since you’re sending a test email from the same Gmail address you’re forwarding to. To test the email routing properly, try sending an email from a different email address or use an online service to send the test email.

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I don’t think that is the case, I should have mentioned I was initially sending test emails from a third yahoo mail email. But that doesn’t matter as the expected behavior is sending an email from primary Gmail to second Gmail, I don’t want it routing to the primary Gmail.